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21/09/2020 em News China Desk

Webinar Velloza – Key Points of Foreign and Local Employment


Dear Clients, Business Partners and Friends,

Velloza Advogados, its Shanghai-based business partner Horizons Corporate Advisory and Shanghai Global Expertise and Talents Co. Limited (“SGET”) invite you to join in a webinar promoting unique business and legal insights of Key Points of Foreign and Local Employment.

Velloza partners Joanna Oliveira Rezende Barbosa and Fernanda Junqueira Calazans, in partnership with EMDOC partner Renê Ramos and Maggie Yu from Horizons will address topics related to the main aspects of employment in Brazil, from immigration, visas, taxation of Income Tax and Social Security, to treaties between Brazil and China.

The talk will be moderated by Miranda Dong, Horizons Corporate Advisory Business Manager.

There will also be audience Q&A.

To register for the webinar, please scan the code bellow:

qr code 23 sep

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas to discuss. We look forward to seeing every one of you at the webinars!


Velloza Advogados – China Desk Team

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